Sunday, August 31, 2008

My squares

I really like the basic granny square so that is the pattern I chose to use for my Traveling Hook Squares. I made 2 lime green squares in honor of my mother whose lymphoma has been in remission for 3 years. I made 2 burgandy and ivory squares in memory of a young lady who was a member of our church youth group, she lost her battle to cancer a couple of years ago. I also made 2 lavender squares in honor and memory of all the others I've know who have battled cancer.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I had the hook from July 28 - August 4, 2008. I made my squares in honor of my brother. Within a four year time span he was diagnosed with kidney cancer and then prostate cancer. Luckily both cancers were caught early and surgery was all that was needed. I hope and pray that some day, medical science will find a cure for all cancer.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A long time in coming.....sorry for the delay but still done with love!!!

The squares have been sent - I apologize for the delay in sending the squares out as well as posting pictures and information about the squares. I loved working with the hook and doing my part for the cause. Kind of odd ....when I first choose to join the group "hooking for a cure" I did not think there were many in my life that I could dedicate squares to ....then I start to remember and think of all who have touched me in my life in one form or another. To those who have gone (too early) and lost their battle to those who have won and to those who continue to is to you that I have made these squares for with love and graditude for knowing of you and embracing you in my life.

My first square made with the Jimbo hook was for Mr Stadler, while growing up my family belonged to a campers group and one of the most notable people of the group was Mr Stadler for many reason but the one I tend to remember the most is his campfire skills.........many times the leaves on the lower branches of trees lost their green leafs kids we thought that was the best!! Mr Stadler did not survive his battle of brain cancer and in the end had his own "circle of friends" around him, thus this square is dedicated to him.

This next square made was for my friend at work Bonnie, she was diagnosis with lung cancer and she battled the cancer and at the end of December was told she was in remission, until this past March.......just found out she has brain cancer and is once again battling against the odds. She is nothing but a trooper and will be on the winning end of this too.

This square is dedicated to my husbands cousin Steve, Steve took our wedding pictures and is a great guy. When we found out he had Prostate cancer my husband was beside himself as he thought that the both of them were invincible. Steve is doing well but is still battling ........

A pink square that is a tribute to my Aunt Jeanette who has lost her battle to breast cancer. The one thing I remember about her is after being diagnosis with it she would take women aside and remind them of the importance of breast exams and mammogram.

This square is for a friend and co-worker Dolly who had a total hysterectomy due to pre-cancerous cells. She has a great sense of humor and always has a great story to share or a shoulder to lean on.

This orchid square for testicular cancer to honor my husbands buddy Pat....who is going into his second year of remission

The following four squares in periwinkle are to honor those who have lost their battles to cancer

Uncle Bruce for Esophageal Cancer

My sister in laws mother for Stomach Cancer

Both of my Grandmothers - stomach cancer

The gold squares are for childhood cancer, and a lady that I had worked with in the past who was a victim to childhood cancer - has survived and is currently working at the Ronald McDonald house and spends her vacation days with the kids working at camp cancer every year.

The lavendar squares are for the general awareness

Thank you for the opportunity for working on a cure and I am in awe of the work that has been done thus far and I look forward to seeing all of the squares and reading the reasons you've decided to join in the cause.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My time was wonderful

I had the pleasure of having the Sonny hook from Wednesday evening (Feb. 20) until early Sunday, Feb. 24 before I packed it up to ship to Krystal16. Some of you probably already read my post here about why I chose to participate. Not unlike everyone here, my life has been touched by cancer. I lost both my parents before I turned 25.

It's for this reason, I created these squares

1) All the squares created in memory of my parents
Joyce squares

2) Krystal's Daisy square designed to incorporate the memories of both my parents
Joyce squares

3) The square in memory of my mother, who died of uterine cancer (or complications thereof)
Joyce squares

4) A square in honor of child hood cancers and to remember my mom had cancer in her leg as a child (the scar was horrible)
Joyce squares

5) The square in memory of my father, who was diagnosed with 4th stage Lymphoma when I was in high school
Joyce squares

The next set of squares is in memory of my friend's mother, Margaret, whom I met six years ago and was diagnosed with metastasized cancer, origin unknown but suspected to be either breast or ovarian
Joyce squares

The next two squares (white and pink for ovarian and breast cancer) are in memory of Margaret

Joyce squares

Joyce squares

This square is in memory of Margaret's husband, Keith, who had bladder cancer

Joyce squares

These are my "other" squares

Joyce squares

First, there's the square in memory of Sonny. I totally got this idea from Daisy and thought it was a good one. I too wanted to honor the man whose name graces the hook

Sonny square

Next is a square in honor of a co-worker who is battling cancer. He hasn't really said much to anyone about it, there's been lots of whispering in the cubicles. I don't even think he knows that I know. It's blue for prostate cancer

Joyce squares

And, finally, for general cancer awareness. The color we always have around at Relay for Life

Joyce squares

I just really want to say what an honor it has been to be a part of this venture. I also want to say how much admiration I have 1) for Jimbo and his talents and commitment in making the gorgeous Sonny hook, even giving thought to the kind of wood used; 2) for Bonnie (angelfire), I don't know what to say other than "Wow" what a task you've taken on; and 3) for everyone who is lending their talent to this hook and its purpose. What a joy to be a part of such a wonderful group of people.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Squares by Daisy

Well, I hope my journal posting looks better on the blog than it does as I type this. My introduction is actually at the bottom, on another post I did. I really had a hard time in posting all of these pictures.
I made 20 squares for this worthy cause. How did I do it? I first planned ahead, which pattern I would use the most, and laid out all the yarn colors I planned on using. I did make a list of everyone I was planning to make a square for. This may seem odd, but I timed myself as to how long it would take me to make a square and then, see how many I could make in my 4 days. I made five a day (sometimes it wasn't easy, but I did it). It took me an hour a square. I did not take the time to weave in my ends, until all the squares were made. that way, I could send the hook on to the next person and save the best part of my time, making the squares, instead of weaving ends in. Anyhoo, it was a pleasure to work with the "Sonny" hook and a very humbling experience to make these squares, in honor or a memory of a loved one. When I made these, I thought about each person, remembering good times and the sad times. It was sometimes bittersweet. but none-the-less a labor of love.
Best of wishes to all!

The two squares above are "twins" for a reason. They are the color of clear/pearl which represents lung cancer.
The first square, is in loving memory of Sonny, Jimbo's friend, for whom our Traveling Hook II, was named. I'm sure that Sonny is smiling from heaven for what we are all trying to do. He would be proud to have this square made in his memory and the Jimbo hook in his name. He would say, 'Way to go, Jimbo'! So Sonny, this square is for you!
The second pearl square I made (above), is to say thank you, to Jimbo, for his excellent craftsmanship and for making this gorgeous hook for us, to work with. Jimbo, you outdid yourself on this one. It works beautifully! I think it's the best one you've done! Go ahead, pat yourself on the back! You done good and deserve it!
So Jimbo, this square is for you.......thanks for all you have done, for us funny Crochetville ladies. I hope you are staying warm up there on the crick.

<- This Pink square is the color for breast cancer. I made this special square for a dear sweet friend, who is fighting this. She is strong, brave and a great fighter. I am confident that she will beat this thing. She's a survivor! She has a wonderful sense of humor too.......that helps! I love you, sweetie, take good care of yourself!

The three squares above, look terrible here. They really are pretty, but the scanning didn't do them justice.
The first square is a combination of teal and grey. The second is all grey and the third is all teal.
I made these squares, in honor of a dear friend who bravely and sucessfully battled with many cancers and IS a survivor! I'm proud of her.

Pink for Breast Cancer

The two above pink squares, are in loving memory of my mom. She lost her long battle with breast cancer. Maybe she could have been a survivor, if only she had it treated early. It was too late for her. My dad was in denial. He just couldn't not believe or accept it. My mom was very strong on the inside. She never complained one bit. she was silent like a lamb, even though there was no treatment to save her. I love and miss you mom. I wish you could be with my three children and see how much they have grown. I wish you could see me in gray would laugh. I miss sharing my flower gardens with you. Take care of dad for me!
(my mom & dad died a day apart of each other. Mom on Christmas Eve and dad the day after Christmas (1991)) Together forever!

(Above) This square here, is a Kelly Green square. It looks like teal in the picture, but I assure you, it is Kelly Green. It is the color for kidney cancer. My dad had a cancerous kidney, but had that removed. He was a survivor, thank heavens! He passed away years later (Dec. 26, 1991), from other causes (heart failure), but mostly because he didn't want to live without my mom. He stopped taking his medications and was a total handful. I loved my dad tremendously. When I was a little girl, I used to love to watch my dad make things, and daddy let me play with his tools too. I was daddy's girl. I always held a lot of respect for my father. He was a good man! This one's for you, daddy! I love you and I miss you!

The above, is my lavender square. It represents general cancer awareness. I made this square in loving memory of my dear sweet grandmother, my mom's mom. My grandmother was 72 when she passed away and I was in my early 20's at the time. My grandmother, went to the hospital to have a gall bladder operation. When the doctors opened her up, they decided against doing any surgery at all, because they said that she was "full" of cancer. They just sewed her up, and gave the bad news to the family. She only lived a few days afterwards. Till this day, we have no idea where the cancer started, that is why I chose the lavender for my grandma.
Grandma, if you are watching over me, know that I love and miss you.

(Above) This is a blue square. This one represents Prostate Cancer.
This one is in loving memory of my dear grandfather, my dad's
dad. He passed away before I was born. Because of the cancer,
I never got to see or know my grandpa. He died from prostate
cancer, before there were any fancy medications and
treatments to help him. I'm sorry grandpa, I wish I could have
known you. I hope you are in peace and know that I love you!
This is my yellow square for bone cancer. I made this one in memory of my loving mother-in-law, Katherine, who lost her life to bone cancer. She was a sweet and loving woman all the way till the end. Here's to you mom! Hugs from your DIL

(Above) This is an Emerald Green square. It represents liver cancer.
I know the color isn't showing up, but it's a pretty color of green.
I made this square in loving memory of my Uncle Ollie. What a
jolly man he was, so full of life and laughter and just a pure joy to
be around. He lost his life to liver cancer. It was a shock to the
whole family. We loved him dearly. Uncle Ollie, if you are
peeking in, this one's for you!

The square above, is a lavender square. It represents general cancer awareness. I have made this square in loving memory of my dear sweet cousin, Cheryl. She was soooooo sweet. Always had a kind word for everyone. She passed away from cancer, but I can't for the life of me remember which cancer it was that took her. She was my age when she passed away...a few years ago. She left behind her husband and 2 sons. Cheryl, we miss you, but you are in Divine hands now, so I'm sure you are happy and at peace.


This yellow square, represents bone cancer. I have made this square in loving memory of my dear neighbor, Rita, who lived across the street from me, when I lived in Canton, MI. She was such a dear sweet lady. She was full of vim and vigor, until the cancer took her away from everyone she loved. I was at her bedside when she passed away. It was hard, it was sad, it was very emotional.

This Black Square, is in honor of an old dear neighbor. Jack lived next door to us, before we moved. He has skin cancer. Every time he would go to work in his veggie garden, he would be dressed to the brim. I even bought him a new gardening hat, from the Jerry Baker web site. He loved it! He is a survivor! The best neighbors anyone could hope for.
This is a gold color square. This one is dedicated to all the children who are afflicted and suffering from childhood cancers. My heart goes out to them. They are so loving and so brave. No child should have to have cancer and no parent should have to watch their child go through it, but we cannot stop these cancers, until we find a cure! Love to all the children!

This square is an extra square I made....just because.It is an emerald green square, for liver cancer. I don't know why the color didn't show up well, but it is an emerald green just the same.

This is my orange square, for leukemia.

I made this one to honor those who have suffered with leukemia.

Daisy's Squares

This is the burgandy square, in honor and in memory of those who suffered with multiple myeloma. This one I did.....just because.

Traveling Hook II ...Hooking for a Cure

Squares are pictured above.
When I first signed up to participate in the "Traveling Hook II ...Hooking for a Cure" project, I was looking forward to my turn in working with the "Sonny" hook, made by our favorite craftsman, known to all, as Jimbo. I really thought that this would be a "fun" experience, but fun really wasn't the right word that decribed what I was feeling when the "Sonny" hook arrived. I guess the right word would be, humbled. When I think of all the friends and family that have experienced the living with, dealing with, and dying, as a result of the big C, it's heartbreaking. So I turn to the serious side and prayed as I worked on my squares, thinking of everyone for whom I made a square. Oh how I wish there was a miracle cure for cancer, but with this effort, a small one on my part, maybe we will see some new medical breakthroughs to cure this dreadful disease. Too many people have suffered enough and too many have lost their lives. It may not be in my life-time, but hopefully in the future, a genius of a scientist and doctor, will find a way to make cancer become, a disease of the no longer be a threat or a feared illness to anyone. I myself, am in the high-risk category for cancer, but I will not let that fear rule my life.....not now.
Without further ado, let my show you my dedication of squares:
Okay, I will have to post my pictures seperately........cause I can't seem to get my pictures to come out on this post. I am so bad with computers. Me and technology just don't mix well.
My Sqaures are in the above posts. I should have posted from the bottom up. I guess there is a little oops in everyone.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Very Humbling Experience for Me

Here is a picture of all the squares that I managed to make in the days that I had the "Magical Hook". I call it this because it truly was a magical experience for me. I need to give you a little background so you will understand better. You see, I wanted to be a part of this not only for all the special people in my life who I have lost to cancer, but also to celebrate all the lives of those in my life who have fought the battle and WON! Let me explain who my squares are for and share with you all the beautiful "Ah Ha" moment that happened to me.

This peach square on the bottom is for my dear mother-in-law, Sarah. She was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer back in 1990. It was in the early stages and caught in time that a hysterectomy saved her life and gave us many more years with her.

The 2 periwinkle squares are for two wonderful men that were in my life and lost theirs to Esophageal Cancer. The one on the left is for my "almost" brother-in-law, John. And the one on the right is for a very special friend I had who went by the name of Hop. You know how sometimes you meet someone who just "gets" you? That was Hop! He never judged me...well almost never. He always listened and just genuinely cared. He has been gone 2 years now and I miss him more than I thought I ever would.

These 2 dark blue ones represent Colon Cancer. The one on the left is for a woman I know who is battling the disease at the present time. Her name is Flo and she is one of the strongest women that I know. If anyone can beat this, she can!

The square on the right is for my Uncle Dick who wasn't able to beat this one.

These 3 pink squares stand for Breast Cancer. My cousin Judy (Uncle Dick's daughter) was diagnosed 3 years ago. She had surgery, underwent radiation, and got the all clear! Woo Hoo!

My friend Allene, also was diagnosed. Her surgery was more radical but she always stayed positive and had a smile on her face. She was even proud of her "bird" hair when it started to grow back! Now the cancer has spread to her stomach. Please keep her in your prayers.

The 3rd. one is for my friend Audrey. She beat the disease years ago and has gone on to live a wonderful life enjoying her husband and children.

And these last 3 squares are the most special to me. The orange represents Leukemia. The one with the heart is for my mother-in-law Sarah. While she beat the first cancer, she couldn't beat this one. She was my heart! I would give anything for one more day with her. She fought long and hard and I know that she is reaping her reward in Heaven now! I love you and miss you Mom!

The one next to hers is for my Aunt Lou. She was diagnosed before Sarah and she is doing well. The cancer is in remission and even tho I don't see her very often, I always enjoy the times that I do. She worked as a nurse until the age of 70!

The orange square at the top of this picture is for my Uncle Ray. He is actually my husbands Uncle, just as Aunt Lou is really my husbands Aunt. When I first met Uncle Ray and his wife, Aunt Lorraine some 23 years ago ~ they instantly became my favorite. I know we aren't supposed to have favorites know sometimes you just can't help it! Uncle Ray and Aunt Lorraine were married for 63 years. Can you imagine! They were best friends and went everywhere together. They raised a beautiful, loving family and watched grandchildren grow up and have children of their own. In fact their youngest grand daughter is expecting twins in May of this year! Right around Thanksgiving Uncle Ray fell in his garage...on a ladder, if you can believe...the man was 88, and broke his hip. He had surgery and was able to go home 2 weeks before Christmas. On Christmas he went back to the hospital because he just was not feeling good and was weak as a kitten. Thru different tests the doctors diagnosed him as having end stages of leukemia. They sent Uncle Ray home to die. My husband and I did not know this when we called to see how he was doing. We certainly didn't expect this announcement of leukemia and end of his life nearing! It was at this time that Jimbo's hook appears!

As all of you probably know, the hooks' arrival at my home was delayed due to JoBug falling ill and scaring the daylights out of her entire family! This, I believe with all my heart, was part of the bigger plan. I got the hook on a Monday. You see, besides working full time as a secretary for a Construction Management Company, I also work 3 nights a week cleaning the offices where I work. Mondays and Tuesdays are 2 of those nights. Due to my schedule, we arranged to visit Uncle Ray on Wednesday. Aunt Lorraine felt it would be ok to visit as long as it was a short one. I already had made this square for Uncle Ray. In fact, it was the very first one that I made with the "Magical" hook!

I did not expect to see the Uncle Ray that I seen when we arrived on Wednesday. It was obvious that the end was very close. I sat and held his hand for a while. I silently prayed for him. I enjoyed the closeness that I was sharing with him. He managed to open his eyes and he said to me, "Debbie, I'm dying". It about broke my heart. I told him that it was ok, we all were. He fell asleep and we stayed for awhile and visited with the rest of his family that was there.

On friday morning, January 11, 2008, Uncle Ray died. He was at home. His wife of 63 years beside him. He was a shining star in my life and now I know he is a shining star in heaven! He is up there playing pinochle and patiently waiting for his beautiful bride, Lorraine. sum it all up...The hook was never LATE at arriving in my hands. It came at the exact time that it was supposed to! I love you Uncle Ray!!!

Thank you to all who have hung with my very long explanation of the squares. And a huge thank you to Angelfire for organizing this whole thing. And last, but certainly not least, a HUGE thanks to Jimbo. For it is with the Magician that the Magic lies!