Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Honored and Thrilled

Pete and Maxine, my in-laws, were two very special people to me. Because cancer touched their lives time and time again, I would like to dedicate this project to them. Pete's Mom and Dad both died of cancer. He had four brothers that have died from cancer and three living siblings. Pete's first fight with cancer was with lymphoma (lime green) and later it attacked his lungs (lgt. grey). Pete was a fighter and fought the battle for a good nine years. He went home for the last time in February 1998. Pete was a simple man, proud father of 10 and WWII Vet.

Maxine's Dad died from cancer. She lost her Mother at the early age of three to an accident. She lost both of her brothers to cancer. Maxine also lost her life to cancer in May of 1996. She hadn't been feeling well with a severe pain in her midsection. When they went in to remove her gallbladder they found very advanced pancreatic cancer (purple). She was with us 10 very precious days. Maxine knew how to cook and serve people. Her husband, 10 children, grandchildren and extended family were her life. She enjoyed watching her Soaps and she was an avid crocheter. She helped me with my first afghan. She enjoyed working with thread and built my confidence in working with #10 thread and a small hook. Maxine had patience and a sense of humor.

When I first hoped to be a part of this project, so many names and faces from the past immediately came to mind and I began planning a square for each of them. Then just within the short time that I have been waiting for Jimbo's hook we have ran into a couple of special people who are again battling cancer for the 2nd. or 3rd. time. So I'd like to take this opportunity to honor them with a square.

Jerry H, 51 yrs. young, diagnosed initially with prostate cancer (blue) but recently has been told it has moved to his bones (yellow). Jerry is still trying to work his job through the chemo. His daughter was recently married. Soon after his daughters wedding Jerry had another setback and is just finishing up 6 weeks of radiation and is looking at another round of chemo.

Jerry still remains positive and doesn't miss an opportunity to relate something funny that may have happened to him while having a treatment.
**Our dear friend, Jerry H., passed away from cancer on February 7th. God Bless him and his family.**

Patti M, 50ish, just found out her brain tumor has returned for the 3rd. time. Patti has had two operations. Both times it was benign but was told this time they won't be able to operate again because of the location of the tumor. She is taking oral chemo at this time. She is also on daily barbiturates for seizures caused from the tumors. She showed me pictures of her two children and 18 month old granddaughter. Her husband stood beside her after a long day of appnts. with 3 doctors and said "We got through the other two and we are going to beat this one also." She and her Mom have spearheaded a support group for brain tumor survivors.

As so many of you, I wish there had been time to crochet a special square for each loved one who cancer had touched but life happens and time became an issue for me so I chose two that were important to me. The teal/white for so many brave women who have had ovarian/cervical cancer. Also the yellow one for sarcoma/bone and bladder cancer.

For all of us Crochetviller's who have participated in Traveling II....Hooking For A Cure, here is a "Circle of Friends" in lavender for our "general awareness of cancer." Here I'd like to thank angelfire. Other then sending off a couple charity squares I've never been involved in a project, this is my first time posting on a blog, posting pictures on photobucket and then to add to this journal with pictures and words...well, if you see this here it will be thanks to extra help from angelfire, my DH and other viller's that are always so generous to answer share their knowledge.

And now I have a own a Jimbo hook. The one amazing thing I noticed immediately is I could crochet much much longer without having to take a break because my carpel tunnel didn't bother me. So well balanced....So sleek....So much easier to slip into the stitch. Thank you Jimbo for donating this luscious creature for Hooking For A Cure.

And yes, thrilled to be a part of this project because on May 23, 2008 I will be a 5 yr. breast cancer survivor. This lone pink square is for the many strong courageous women who have gone before me, most of whom didn't have the medical advantages that I did, the women that reached out their hands to me when I needed their encouraging support and for the women I know of now that are struggling for their lives with this disease.



Designers of the Squares:

Warm Jewel Granny Square - Kimberly Andrew

Lady Square Variation - Julie A. Bolduc

Circle Of Friends - Priscilla Hewitt

Starfire Square - Melanie Stiles

Cat Tracks - Drew Emborsky, The Crochet Dude