Sunday, December 9, 2007

I have the HOOK!

My squares are all in PINK, and I made mine in honor of Breast Cancer, which
I am a hopeful survivor. Here are the pictures, I did them all in Circle of Friends Squares, because we are all friends!
JoBug - JoAnn Dillon in Iowa

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Honored and Thrilled

Pete and Maxine, my in-laws, were two very special people to me. Because cancer touched their lives time and time again, I would like to dedicate this project to them. Pete's Mom and Dad both died of cancer. He had four brothers that have died from cancer and three living siblings. Pete's first fight with cancer was with lymphoma (lime green) and later it attacked his lungs (lgt. grey). Pete was a fighter and fought the battle for a good nine years. He went home for the last time in February 1998. Pete was a simple man, proud father of 10 and WWII Vet.

Maxine's Dad died from cancer. She lost her Mother at the early age of three to an accident. She lost both of her brothers to cancer. Maxine also lost her life to cancer in May of 1996. She hadn't been feeling well with a severe pain in her midsection. When they went in to remove her gallbladder they found very advanced pancreatic cancer (purple). She was with us 10 very precious days. Maxine knew how to cook and serve people. Her husband, 10 children, grandchildren and extended family were her life. She enjoyed watching her Soaps and she was an avid crocheter. She helped me with my first afghan. She enjoyed working with thread and built my confidence in working with #10 thread and a small hook. Maxine had patience and a sense of humor.

When I first hoped to be a part of this project, so many names and faces from the past immediately came to mind and I began planning a square for each of them. Then just within the short time that I have been waiting for Jimbo's hook we have ran into a couple of special people who are again battling cancer for the 2nd. or 3rd. time. So I'd like to take this opportunity to honor them with a square.

Jerry H, 51 yrs. young, diagnosed initially with prostate cancer (blue) but recently has been told it has moved to his bones (yellow). Jerry is still trying to work his job through the chemo. His daughter was recently married. Soon after his daughters wedding Jerry had another setback and is just finishing up 6 weeks of radiation and is looking at another round of chemo.

Jerry still remains positive and doesn't miss an opportunity to relate something funny that may have happened to him while having a treatment.
**Our dear friend, Jerry H., passed away from cancer on February 7th. God Bless him and his family.**

Patti M, 50ish, just found out her brain tumor has returned for the 3rd. time. Patti has had two operations. Both times it was benign but was told this time they won't be able to operate again because of the location of the tumor. She is taking oral chemo at this time. She is also on daily barbiturates for seizures caused from the tumors. She showed me pictures of her two children and 18 month old granddaughter. Her husband stood beside her after a long day of appnts. with 3 doctors and said "We got through the other two and we are going to beat this one also." She and her Mom have spearheaded a support group for brain tumor survivors.

As so many of you, I wish there had been time to crochet a special square for each loved one who cancer had touched but life happens and time became an issue for me so I chose two that were important to me. The teal/white for so many brave women who have had ovarian/cervical cancer. Also the yellow one for sarcoma/bone and bladder cancer.

For all of us Crochetviller's who have participated in Traveling II....Hooking For A Cure, here is a "Circle of Friends" in lavender for our "general awareness of cancer." Here I'd like to thank angelfire. Other then sending off a couple charity squares I've never been involved in a project, this is my first time posting on a blog, posting pictures on photobucket and then to add to this journal with pictures and words...well, if you see this here it will be thanks to extra help from angelfire, my DH and other viller's that are always so generous to answer share their knowledge.

And now I have a own a Jimbo hook. The one amazing thing I noticed immediately is I could crochet much much longer without having to take a break because my carpel tunnel didn't bother me. So well balanced....So sleek....So much easier to slip into the stitch. Thank you Jimbo for donating this luscious creature for Hooking For A Cure.

And yes, thrilled to be a part of this project because on May 23, 2008 I will be a 5 yr. breast cancer survivor. This lone pink square is for the many strong courageous women who have gone before me, most of whom didn't have the medical advantages that I did, the women that reached out their hands to me when I needed their encouraging support and for the women I know of now that are struggling for their lives with this disease.



Designers of the Squares:

Warm Jewel Granny Square - Kimberly Andrew

Lady Square Variation - Julie A. Bolduc

Circle Of Friends - Priscilla Hewitt

Starfire Square - Melanie Stiles

Cat Tracks - Drew Emborsky, The Crochet Dude

Monday, October 15, 2007

hook update


Just wanted to let everyone know that I received the hook on October 15th and am planning to mail out my squares on the 22nd or 23rd. My goal is to have the hook a week and then pass it on. I lost my father to cancer a few years ago and I am happy to be taking part in this!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why the Traveling hook

Hey all. I've not received the hook yet, and hope that all is well with Jazziblu but I wanted to post why I was so eager to participate in this project. Here you go:

My first encounter with this scourge we call cancer was at a young age.
I was 17 and beginning my senior year in high school. Months before that, my father was diagnosed. It was a whirlwind for my family and within months, too few months actually, my father died on Aug. 31, 1988, what was to be the second day of my senior year in high school. What we went through was confusing, but a learning experience: the diagnosis, the illness, the end. What we went through after was amazing.
Led by the strongest woman I’ve ever met, my mother, my family made it. We survived the diagnosis, the treatment (including cobalt therapy) and the death. Because of my mom, we persevered. I remember sitting there, on my father’s hospital bed, swearing he was still breathing, and saying out loud “there’s no more reason to go on.” It was after 3 a.m. that day.
My mother, that beautifully spiritual being who put all her trust in her faith (we were Catholic) and, more specifically, the Virgin Mary, proved me wrong. There was plenty of reason to go on. She got a job after being a stay-at-home mom for DECADES and I graduated high school that year, top 10 percent of my class, and went on to college.
Then, more than 4 years in to that venture (I changed majors my fourth year), IT did it again. Cancer struck.
This time, it was my mother. I would find out later she was given only a couple months to live. Never one to prove anyone right, she proved "them" wrong and we lived a roller coaster the next two-plus years. She died Oct. 20, 1995, little more than seven years after my dad and at the same age, 65.
I am here today confident it was her strength that has carried me through. I graduated from college, attending classes while she was being treated and was at her side as much as I could be through all her treatments. 
I consider myself a success, not measured by money earned or material possessions, but because of who she taught me to be and the person I believe I am because of her.
Fastforward please to 2001: That’s when I met Margaret. 
At 72, she was a retired nurse with a remarkable past. Her daughter introduced us and there is no one more thrilled than I that that happened. 
Margaret had been diagnosed with metastasized cancer, origin unknown. 
As a journalist, with her permission, it was my job to chronicle her follow her -- to her death. My bosses and I agreed, the ethics policy was to be followed as much as possible, but there would be times that wouldn’t be possible.
Through it all, I became FAST friends with her oldest daughter who is more like me than she knows.
Margaret died on Feb. 22, 2003. Her passing left a hole, like the deaths of my own parents had.
Fastforward again please to today. That daughter, my friend, is a community representative for the American Cancer Society and she is the “Relay geek” -- Relay for Life that is.
Relay is my summer “thing," -- because of my friend, but also because I believe in it.
I Relay from May to late June like many people golf or boat. It’s a hobby. It’s my “thing.” It’s a verb, a noun. I Relay. I am a Relayer. 
Over the course of six years, I’ve watched our survivors take their first lap after opening ceremonies.
At night, I’ve watched the luminaria ceremony. I’ve participated in that luminaria walk where survivors, their caregivers and those walking “in memory of” take a lap around the track, lighted candles of hope burning brightly against the summer night sky as candles spelling hope light up the bleachers, or a hill, and a song of hope urges us on.
The last couple of Relays, I’ve watched as HOPE on the hill, or in the bleachers, became CURE. That’s what we’re all striving for and that’s why I chose to participate in the Traveling Hook II -- to hook for a cure. 
Thanks to all who have made this possible: Jimbo for the beautiful hook and Angelfire for the organizing of it and all the wonderful crocheters across the US and Canada who said yes to this venture.
Surely someday HOPE will become CURE and we will walk around that track in celebration of that CURE and in honor of everyone who came before it.

Monday, October 1, 2007

My squares

(Sorry for the delay in posting my entry... )

Each square that I made with the Jimbo hook has a special meaning to me and/or my sisters. Here are the stories behind each of the squares -

The top left square is for my little sister's best friend who has lung cancer. From what my sister told me, she had surgery to remove a tumor in her lungs in August and it was successful because they caught it early.

The bottom left square is for my grandfather on my mom's side. He started smoking when he was in his teens and didn't stop until his death due to lung cancer at 64.

The blue squares in the center column are for my grandfather and grandmother on my dad's side. My grandmother died of kidney cancer way before I was born and my grandfather died about 15 years ago due to prostate and kidney cancer.

The square at the bottom right is for one of my "su su" - that's Chinese for uncle, what we call my parents' male friends. His family moved with my family from Taiwan to the US and I can't remember a major event in my life that he has not been a part of. He has thyroid cancer and is doing rather poorly right now but he has a fighting spirit and I constantly pray that he will overcome the cancer.

Last of all is the bright blue square. This is for a friend of my two older sisters. She is petite but makes it up with her large personality, hence the very bright square. She had brain cancer and has gone through several rounds of chemo already. The cancer is in remission but my sisters say that cancer has definitely changed her as I'm sure having cancer will change anyone.

Well thank you all for letting me have the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful project. I hope you enjoyed reading about my squares and I can't wait to see everyone else's squares!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Dedications

Instead of posting pics of my squares here, I am posting picture of two women in my life that I am dedicating my squares for. The first picture is my Grandmother, Ida, who died from bone cancer. She was a farmer's wife, wore an apron 90% of the time, because she was always working! I can remember her gardening, canning, cooking, baking, making jellies and preserves. I loved going out back to pick blackberries off her vines and stuffing myself! She was a devout Christian and gave of herself to us and to the community.

She sewed and crocheted, as well as doing other needlework. She crocheted mainly with thread. Her work was exquisite considering she created pieces without written patterns. I now have her steel hooks and a few bone hooks. Unfortunately, I didn't learn the art from her, because when I was young I didn't care about needlework. Of course, now, I regret not being able to share my enthusiasm with her. But, when I use her hooks, I think about her. Maybe, in a spiritual way, we are sharing.

The next picture is my dear Mother In Law, Joan, who passed from lung cancer. She was very strong minded and I admired her. After divorcing her husband, she raised and supported four children while attending law school, ultimately passing the bar. She and I "clicked" right from the first time we met. She had a quick, dry wit and I just loved trying to keep up with her!

When my mother died, Joan consoled me and encouraged me to call on her anytime if I needed support. My mom seldom showed love or affection, but her death was hard on me because I knew deep down she loved me. Joan gave me time, an ear, a shoulder to cry on. Later,when my husband and I got married, she clearly approved of our union and asked me to call her Mom. For that alone, I will always love her.

So, here are two reasons for joining in the Traveling Hook II. I have other family and friends that have battled this disease, but I wanted to dedicate publically to these two very special women. Miss you... love you... remembering you..

Saturday, September 8, 2007

wooden hook

i loved working with the hook. so smooth and easy to work with. thank you for letting me join the cure for cancer. i joined because i had 4or5 family members who died of cancer. also have a very good friend who has cancer. i felt that making the squares will help people feel the love that goes into the afghans and that we care. i hope to join another traveling hook. would still like to keep making squares for the afghans so we can give more. if that is ok. thank you again for letting help with the afghans. debi(nana) love and hugs to all.

Friday, September 7, 2007

While waiting my turn

I just wanted to post that while waiting my turn for the Jimbo hook, one of my parents dear friend lost their battle to brain cancer. I was going to work on a square with him in mind now I know that his square will be in the top two. I also have a dear friend at work who was just recently diagnosed with lung cancer, she is the one that hired me over 17 years ago for a data entry position, I left the department after 3.5 years and was able to work with her again 5 years later. We constantly joke with each other about it being her fault for my hire ....... And in she will be my first square I create.
I see her struggle with this terrible disease and while I have been on vacation I have wondered how she is doing. I heard a week before I went on vacation that she was having a hard time swallowing her breakfast drinks, often time it was taking her over an hour to drink the glass of it.
As I sit and wait for this hook I will keep praying for those in our lives who have been touched by this disease.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I am sad, as some of the participants have not posted on the blog. I guess it would have been better to send out a hard copy instead. I hope that someone post there journal entry soon. So far I have only received the squares from Deedes and Vonnie. As I received more squares they will be posted here as requested.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of this wonderful project, and hope in some small way my contribution can make a difference in the fight of Cancer. While I have had several people, family and friends, lose their battle with cancer, I wanted to do this project in honor of one special person, my youngest sister, Marcy, who at the age of 44 lost her battle of bladder cancer in January 2000. She was extremely courageous during her fight, and even though she knew early on that she was terminal, she never wanted us to know. I am very proud of the person she was, and hope that she is looking down on me and knows how much I love her, and miss her. So, this is for you Sis-

My intention was to make one square of each color, but time ran out. Here are the other squares I made-

Saturday, July 21, 2007

OK, my turn, I really feel honored to be able to do this!

I got the Great Jimbo Hook and got right to crocheting. This hook is fantastic, very light, very easy on the hands, and just gorgeous to look at...Thanks Jimbo, now I guess I have to buy one...

I began with PINK, I have three close friends who have had Breast Cancer, they are all doing well, one has been cancer free for over 20 years... And I did one for me, I have had two scares TG they were both benign. So here are the Pink ones:

And then I went to the Orange ones, I have a very good friend who is battleing Leukemia right now, she has spent over a month in the hospital (training one) and is getting better but is hard for her, she lost her only son in a car wreck and has never totally recovered from that and now this, she is just the sweetest person you would ever these are for her.

Then I made 2 Blue ones for Prostrate Cancer, I lost my Dad and FIL from this cancer so I made them each one:

The next two were one Green for Kidney cancer, my Dad had lost a Kidney to cancer, and the Dark Blue for my DH, he doesn't have cancer but they did find some PRE cancer in the colon so I want to make sure they keep working on that.

So those are the ones I made with the Jimbo Hook....... They were made with lots of LOVE, PRAYER, AND REFLECTING. I really want to Thank Jimbo and Bonnie for doing this, it is a great cause.

I also made Two Black and Two White Squares for other cancers. There are so many people I know who have been touched by this terrible disease that if I crocheted a square for each of them, the hook would have to live with me,but I have gotten it ready to send on...I know others are anxious to get to their chance to use it. SO AGAIN THANK YOU ALL FOR DOING THIS.

Prayers and good well wishes to all:

These are all clickable.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

For Past, Present and Future Victims of this Disease

I want to first thank Angelfire for all of her hard work that is just beginning, for organizing and administering this venture, this blog, and for allowing me the opportunity to participate. I also want to thank (and curse, lol!) Jimbo for creating and donating Sonny's hook. When I mailed this beautiful hook on to Darlene (Needle Arts) it left a void in my hook case that will have to be filled.
As I started my first square (about five minutes after I tore open the package) I thought to myself that I was pretty lucky. I've never had anyone I was really close to pass away from cancer. Then I thought a little more, and I was shocked at how many names I could come up with of people I know who have lost someone to the disease, and people who've been diagnosed but are in remission. One of grandfathers passed away three years before I was born. I had a great uncle who had a brain tumor. My grandmother had to have a colostomy after being diagnosed with colon cancer. My best friend's father was diagnosed with skin cancer and passed away within the space of four or five months. Myfather-in-law has been in remission since I've known him. I grew up in a small town, there were only eighteen people in my high school graduating class and four of them have lost a parents to cancer. And we're still young! I only graduated eight years ago, we shouldn't have to worry about losing our parents yet, we're just beginning to present them with grandchildren. And that's just the beginning. I have never sat down and made a list like this before, it has really opened my eyes to the scope of this disease. So I dedicate my squares, as my title says, to all past present and future victims. I hope my small contribution brings some help and hope.

On to the technical stuff:
I posted pics of the five squares that I got done to the photo bucket account. I've never bloged before (first blog entry ever!) and I'm not sure how to post pics so you can view them there until I figure it out. I found all of these patterns from links at crochet pattern central

Square 1: called "Eternity Squared" This is a free pattern by our own Krystal16 at crochetville, you can find it here ( As I posted in the TH II thread at Crochetville, I was working on this one while we waited to watch the fireworks at the Regina Canada Day celebrations. I thought it was kind of cool that the hook was here for that during it's only Canadian stop. The square worked up quick and the directions were easy to follow. Thanks for the pattern Krystal! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Square 2: "Granny Heart Square" by Vimala Vignesh. I'm not sure that I'd use this pattern again. I think I may have done something wrong, the hearts on my square are not as defined as I thought they should be. Oh well.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Square 3: "Arches" from Dayna's Crochet. I did like the look of this square, I would use it again. I used a rather bright variegated yarn for this, I wasn't sure if you all would approve or not. It did combine a lot of the colours on the list though, so I took a chance and used it. I like the colours, I'm going to use more this yarn to make a summer halter for my dd. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Square 4: This one is all me ***preen*** I hope it can be used, I'm rather proud of it. This was the first time I ever tried graphing. The edges of the letters are a little unclear, but my six year old could read it so I figure it's okay. I didn't use Sonny's hook for this, I used an F in orderPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket to keep my gauge tight enough for the carried yarn from showing through too much.

Square 5: called "Mikey's Square" by Laurie Clark. I love this square, it's got a real optical illusion deal going on that doesn't show up very well in my picture. I think I'm going to use this square to make an afghan for a girl who's babysat my dd for me a lot over the past four years, she's graduating this coming school year (the babysitter, not dd). I'm, also thinking of using it to make an afghan for my brother. If I can stand weaving in all the ends!! 16 ends per square!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I think I've got these in the right order, I loaded the pictures on Photobucket, then when I went back to check the site is undergoing maintenance and won't let me in. I'll edit this if need be.

I was having trouble with my guage, you may notice that I had to add an extra row or two on these squares to make them eight inches across. Has anyone else had that problem?

So that's it for me. I'm not sure now if I liked being first or not! No, I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone else created with the Sonny's hook, and reading your stories here on the blog. I know I'll be checking back often. We seem to be doing very well so far, the hook has already reached it's third person! That's almost 1/10th of the way through the list. In the meantime, I wish the rest of you the best of luck, neverending yarns and a Jimbo hook!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dedicated to a special woman

Yesterday I received the "Sonny hook".
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I am honored to be the first person to crochet a square in memory of some one very special.

This woman was the person that was my first example of true compassion. I remember falling while skating and she picked me up and set me rolling along again.From the time I was a young child, I wanted to grow up to be just like her. She was a foster parent for more than 40 years, giving love and understanding to more than 100 children along with three children of her own. She was my first Sunday school teacher and also the first Sunday school teacher for my children along with 100's of others. She was a wife, mother, a sister and a friend. She touched the lives of everyone she met and even those she will never have a chance to meet because of the lives she changed while she was alive. She taught me to believe in myself and to look for the good in everyone I meet. She was my Aunt Leona. She had a liver cancer and then a transplant and the cancer returned overtaking all of her body. She fought to live and to love. She lost her fight in January 2006.

I made a Circle of Friends square in her honor as she had a never-ending circle of friends. The circle of love will continue as long as her memory stays alive. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thank you Aunt Leona for helping me become the compassionate, loving woman that I have become. Thank you for showing me how to be courageous even when life gives me the cherry pits instead of the cherry pie. You are with me every day and I will continue to try to be as honorable and courageous as you were.

I have other family members and friends that have been touched by cancer. I will make each of them a square when the hook returns to me at the end of it's travels. All of them are important to me but this one was what inspired me to do this project.

The hook is now on the way to Canada. The patina will grow with each square created with the love and compassion of each member. It will have a warmth from touching each of our hearts.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I dedicate this hook to Sonny

Years and years ago when I was 4 and Sonny was 6 we lived up on Deadman Creek (we call it the Crick) on a ranch. We played carefree in those days, unaware of the hardships of life on the Crick.. poor was for the city folk who didn't have a Crick or a Ranch. Ah but we had spring fed water and on special occasions when the battery was charged, we had electric lights.
But we spent some of the most cherished and memorable times of our lives up there, playing in a spring that ran down the hill from the woods to the Crick. We'd float sticks along and look for frogs, and Sonny would keep us laughing.
Ah but years go by and folks grow up, and Sonny moved away. But his infrequent visits always had us laughing again and talking dreamily of the times we had up on the Crick. Sonny had a way about him. He had a serious side, i guess, but to us he was a constant source of laughter, even if he didn't have the intention. His voice and bright eyed smile couldn't help but be infectious.

Sonny died of lung cancer.

One of his most intense wishes always was to come back home to the Ranch. That wish was intensified as he became aware of his ever shortening life. Cancer didn't care. It took Sonny before he could come home.

But Sonny is home now. His ashes are in the monument we built, next to the little spring where we used to play. And though his memory still brings a smile, its always through a tear. And I don't spend a day working on the cabin there, that i don't think how fun it would be if Sonny was there helping.

So I dedicate this hook, and i know Sonny would approve, as our contribution toward a cure, that one day someone else's Sonny will not have to return home in such sadness and tears.

Sonny was a crafter, and made lots of fun things, and I'm sure he would approve of a hand made hook made to travel about on a mission to help find a cure for the disease that took him away.

So please, as you receive this hook and make your squares, think a bit of your own Sonny... I'm sure we all have them. You're doing a good and honorable thing in his memory by helping the folks who work for a cure.

Thank you so much for participating, and thank you for the honor you give me in starting this journal.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A new beginning.

I am starting this blog to serve as a virtual journal as suggested by one of the members. The hook will be traveling to 38 total members with three members on a waiting list, hoping that the hook travels quickly. It will travel to Canada(Reneva) and the following states;
Washington (Needle Arts)
Oregon (vonnie)
Idaho (2) (Jessi, Cookie Hooker)
California (deedes)
Colorado (nana)
Texas (3) (beth eathorne)
Oklahoma (Jazziblu)
Nebraska(2) (Crochet_hen, KathyWho)
North Dakota (Midds)
Iowa (2) (JoBug, Salos)
Wisconsin (3)(KellyA))
Michigan (3)
Indiana (2) (kittyloverdeb)
New York
New Jersey
Pennsylvania (2)
Virginia (5)
North Carolina
South Carolina
Florida (2)
before returning back to Wisconsin.

The hook will be given to a name drawn at random from all participants.

Let's get hooking.