Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Dedications

Instead of posting pics of my squares here, I am posting picture of two women in my life that I am dedicating my squares for. The first picture is my Grandmother, Ida, who died from bone cancer. She was a farmer's wife, wore an apron 90% of the time, because she was always working! I can remember her gardening, canning, cooking, baking, making jellies and preserves. I loved going out back to pick blackberries off her vines and stuffing myself! She was a devout Christian and gave of herself to us and to the community.

She sewed and crocheted, as well as doing other needlework. She crocheted mainly with thread. Her work was exquisite considering she created pieces without written patterns. I now have her steel hooks and a few bone hooks. Unfortunately, I didn't learn the art from her, because when I was young I didn't care about needlework. Of course, now, I regret not being able to share my enthusiasm with her. But, when I use her hooks, I think about her. Maybe, in a spiritual way, we are sharing.

The next picture is my dear Mother In Law, Joan, who passed from lung cancer. She was very strong minded and I admired her. After divorcing her husband, she raised and supported four children while attending law school, ultimately passing the bar. She and I "clicked" right from the first time we met. She had a quick, dry wit and I just loved trying to keep up with her!

When my mother died, Joan consoled me and encouraged me to call on her anytime if I needed support. My mom seldom showed love or affection, but her death was hard on me because I knew deep down she loved me. Joan gave me time, an ear, a shoulder to cry on. Later,when my husband and I got married, she clearly approved of our union and asked me to call her Mom. For that alone, I will always love her.

So, here are two reasons for joining in the Traveling Hook II. I have other family and friends that have battled this disease, but I wanted to dedicate publically to these two very special women. Miss you... love you... remembering you..

Saturday, September 8, 2007

wooden hook

i loved working with the hook. so smooth and easy to work with. thank you for letting me join the cure for cancer. i joined because i had 4or5 family members who died of cancer. also have a very good friend who has cancer. i felt that making the squares will help people feel the love that goes into the afghans and that we care. i hope to join another traveling hook. would still like to keep making squares for the afghans so we can give more. if that is ok. thank you again for letting help with the afghans. debi(nana) love and hugs to all.

Friday, September 7, 2007

While waiting my turn

I just wanted to post that while waiting my turn for the Jimbo hook, one of my parents dear friend lost their battle to brain cancer. I was going to work on a square with him in mind now I know that his square will be in the top two. I also have a dear friend at work who was just recently diagnosed with lung cancer, she is the one that hired me over 17 years ago for a data entry position, I left the department after 3.5 years and was able to work with her again 5 years later. We constantly joke with each other about it being her fault for my hire ....... And in she will be my first square I create.
I see her struggle with this terrible disease and while I have been on vacation I have wondered how she is doing. I heard a week before I went on vacation that she was having a hard time swallowing her breakfast drinks, often time it was taking her over an hour to drink the glass of it.
As I sit and wait for this hook I will keep praying for those in our lives who have been touched by this disease.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

I am sad, as some of the participants have not posted on the blog. I guess it would have been better to send out a hard copy instead. I hope that someone post there journal entry soon. So far I have only received the squares from Deedes and Vonnie. As I received more squares they will be posted here as requested.