Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A long time in coming.....sorry for the delay but still done with love!!!

The squares have been sent - I apologize for the delay in sending the squares out as well as posting pictures and information about the squares. I loved working with the hook and doing my part for the cause. Kind of odd ....when I first choose to join the group "hooking for a cure" I did not think there were many in my life that I could dedicate squares to ....then I start to remember and think of all who have touched me in my life in one form or another. To those who have gone (too early) and lost their battle to those who have won and to those who continue to is to you that I have made these squares for with love and graditude for knowing of you and embracing you in my life.

My first square made with the Jimbo hook was for Mr Stadler, while growing up my family belonged to a campers group and one of the most notable people of the group was Mr Stadler for many reason but the one I tend to remember the most is his campfire skills.........many times the leaves on the lower branches of trees lost their green leafs kids we thought that was the best!! Mr Stadler did not survive his battle of brain cancer and in the end had his own "circle of friends" around him, thus this square is dedicated to him.

This next square made was for my friend at work Bonnie, she was diagnosis with lung cancer and she battled the cancer and at the end of December was told she was in remission, until this past March.......just found out she has brain cancer and is once again battling against the odds. She is nothing but a trooper and will be on the winning end of this too.

This square is dedicated to my husbands cousin Steve, Steve took our wedding pictures and is a great guy. When we found out he had Prostate cancer my husband was beside himself as he thought that the both of them were invincible. Steve is doing well but is still battling ........

A pink square that is a tribute to my Aunt Jeanette who has lost her battle to breast cancer. The one thing I remember about her is after being diagnosis with it she would take women aside and remind them of the importance of breast exams and mammogram.

This square is for a friend and co-worker Dolly who had a total hysterectomy due to pre-cancerous cells. She has a great sense of humor and always has a great story to share or a shoulder to lean on.

This orchid square for testicular cancer to honor my husbands buddy Pat....who is going into his second year of remission

The following four squares in periwinkle are to honor those who have lost their battles to cancer

Uncle Bruce for Esophageal Cancer

My sister in laws mother for Stomach Cancer

Both of my Grandmothers - stomach cancer

The gold squares are for childhood cancer, and a lady that I had worked with in the past who was a victim to childhood cancer - has survived and is currently working at the Ronald McDonald house and spends her vacation days with the kids working at camp cancer every year.

The lavendar squares are for the general awareness

Thank you for the opportunity for working on a cure and I am in awe of the work that has been done thus far and I look forward to seeing all of the squares and reading the reasons you've decided to join in the cause.