Friday, September 7, 2007

While waiting my turn

I just wanted to post that while waiting my turn for the Jimbo hook, one of my parents dear friend lost their battle to brain cancer. I was going to work on a square with him in mind now I know that his square will be in the top two. I also have a dear friend at work who was just recently diagnosed with lung cancer, she is the one that hired me over 17 years ago for a data entry position, I left the department after 3.5 years and was able to work with her again 5 years later. We constantly joke with each other about it being her fault for my hire ....... And in she will be my first square I create.
I see her struggle with this terrible disease and while I have been on vacation I have wondered how she is doing. I heard a week before I went on vacation that she was having a hard time swallowing her breakfast drinks, often time it was taking her over an hour to drink the glass of it.
As I sit and wait for this hook I will keep praying for those in our lives who have been touched by this disease.

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