Monday, October 1, 2007

My squares

(Sorry for the delay in posting my entry... )

Each square that I made with the Jimbo hook has a special meaning to me and/or my sisters. Here are the stories behind each of the squares -

The top left square is for my little sister's best friend who has lung cancer. From what my sister told me, she had surgery to remove a tumor in her lungs in August and it was successful because they caught it early.

The bottom left square is for my grandfather on my mom's side. He started smoking when he was in his teens and didn't stop until his death due to lung cancer at 64.

The blue squares in the center column are for my grandfather and grandmother on my dad's side. My grandmother died of kidney cancer way before I was born and my grandfather died about 15 years ago due to prostate and kidney cancer.

The square at the bottom right is for one of my "su su" - that's Chinese for uncle, what we call my parents' male friends. His family moved with my family from Taiwan to the US and I can't remember a major event in my life that he has not been a part of. He has thyroid cancer and is doing rather poorly right now but he has a fighting spirit and I constantly pray that he will overcome the cancer.

Last of all is the bright blue square. This is for a friend of my two older sisters. She is petite but makes it up with her large personality, hence the very bright square. She had brain cancer and has gone through several rounds of chemo already. The cancer is in remission but my sisters say that cancer has definitely changed her as I'm sure having cancer will change anyone.

Well thank you all for letting me have the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful project. I hope you enjoyed reading about my squares and I can't wait to see everyone else's squares!


vonnie said...

Oh How sweet, I love the stores and your squares are gorgeous!! This is such a touching project. Thanks for sharing.

angelfire said...

I loved your reasons and I love your squares. It with one of the reasons that this project is so important. We have all been touched by cancer in many ways and your reasons are as powerful as many.