Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A new beginning.

I am starting this blog to serve as a virtual journal as suggested by one of the members. The hook will be traveling to 38 total members with three members on a waiting list, hoping that the hook travels quickly. It will travel to Canada(Reneva) and the following states;
Washington (Needle Arts)
Oregon (vonnie)
Idaho (2) (Jessi, Cookie Hooker)
California (deedes)
Colorado (nana)
Texas (3) (beth eathorne)
Oklahoma (Jazziblu)
Nebraska(2) (Crochet_hen, KathyWho)
North Dakota (Midds)
Iowa (2) (JoBug, Salos)
Wisconsin (3)(KellyA))
Michigan (3)
Indiana (2) (kittyloverdeb)
New York
New Jersey
Pennsylvania (2)
Virginia (5)
North Carolina
South Carolina
Florida (2)
before returning back to Wisconsin.

The hook will be given to a name drawn at random from all participants.

Let's get hooking.


Poisonlily said...

What a great idea!! Now I can show my Mother in Law exactly why she is destashing and sending to me. Thank you!

KnicKnac said...

Absolutely AWESOME! I am here and ready to go!

Daisy said...

My fingers are warmed up and my stash is ready to get going. I can't wait to start posting pictures. Thank you, Angelfire, for taking this on! You are a great leader in this, and I am honored to take part and follow along.

JoAnn said...

Great job taking this on Bonnie, I am ready to get my fingers moving also for this great cause. Thank you for doing this!

pineknott/linda said...

I'm here,starting on square #3
soon as I get to 5 or 6 I'll e mail for your address.

TX CrochetLover said...

This is going to be a wonderful way to journal the traveling hook!
Great idea!

Victoria said...

Hi! I'm thrilled to get going too! This is such a wonderful cause, and we're so lucky to have a wonderful leader!!

vonnie said...

Hope I did this right I have never Blogged before..LOL I am ready to go, looks like I am going to be second. I hope to do Oregon proud.
Thanks for allowing me to join this great cause... vonnie

angelfire said...

I think this will be great fun. I expect to have everything go as smoothly as possible and can't wait to be able to put your squares together.

crochet.hen said...

I am excited about being part of this! Can't wait to work with the wonderful Jimbo hook! Angelfire, thank you for all your efforts in organizing this project!!

segi1974 said...

I am very excited to be a part of this with my new founds friends. Let the crocheting begin......

Kelly A said...

Great to be here with talented crocheters Looking forward to using the Jimbo hook and seeing all of the "love" shared in the completed works
Thank you Angelfire for hosting a worthy cause

JoAnn said...

This will be great! Your efforts are very much appreciated!!!

krochetkrystal said...

I'm here! Thanks for the opportunity to get this work done!

Deb said...

I am so excited to be a part of this! What a wonderful way to contribute and make something special for someone else.

Reneva said...

Hi from the lone Canadian!! I can't wait to get started and lucky me! I don't have long to wait now that Jimbo has finished the hook. I'm getting all prepared.

beth eathorne said...

i am very happy to be part of this great adventure the only thing is i will need plenty of tissue because after having the "hook" i will be crying all the way home from the postoffice after i send it on its way after only a brief visit. oh well better to have love and lost..

Deb said...

After reading Jimbo's entry I feel even more humbled to be a part of this endeavor. May God bless all who are touched by this disease and give us the comfort and faith to carry on in search of a cure.


sherri said...

not much more can be said. Jimbo's post was awesome and heartfelt. I cant wait to use his hook to make a few squares for such a great reason. I am honored to be here and a part of this!

kathy s said...

How like Jimbo to do this. He is an exceedingly kind, generous and sweet man. I have several of his hooks and love them all. I would love to be on the list, just haven't figured out how. kswanny

Anonymous said...

i'd love to make a square as well! if not more! can i be added to the list? and if so, can i also have a better description of what you'd like made!!!

cluless said...

Thanks Angelfire for hosting this and thanks Jimbo for providing us with the handmade hook and lovely dedication. I really am looking forward to being a part of this.

PSBBDesigns said...

What an incredible idea. I can't wait to see the works that lovely hook creates.


Anonymous said...

It's so exciting to be able to track the hook as its beginning to travel. Can't wait to see some of the beautiful squares....