Saturday, July 21, 2007

OK, my turn, I really feel honored to be able to do this!

I got the Great Jimbo Hook and got right to crocheting. This hook is fantastic, very light, very easy on the hands, and just gorgeous to look at...Thanks Jimbo, now I guess I have to buy one...

I began with PINK, I have three close friends who have had Breast Cancer, they are all doing well, one has been cancer free for over 20 years... And I did one for me, I have had two scares TG they were both benign. So here are the Pink ones:

And then I went to the Orange ones, I have a very good friend who is battleing Leukemia right now, she has spent over a month in the hospital (training one) and is getting better but is hard for her, she lost her only son in a car wreck and has never totally recovered from that and now this, she is just the sweetest person you would ever these are for her.

Then I made 2 Blue ones for Prostrate Cancer, I lost my Dad and FIL from this cancer so I made them each one:

The next two were one Green for Kidney cancer, my Dad had lost a Kidney to cancer, and the Dark Blue for my DH, he doesn't have cancer but they did find some PRE cancer in the colon so I want to make sure they keep working on that.

So those are the ones I made with the Jimbo Hook....... They were made with lots of LOVE, PRAYER, AND REFLECTING. I really want to Thank Jimbo and Bonnie for doing this, it is a great cause.

I also made Two Black and Two White Squares for other cancers. There are so many people I know who have been touched by this terrible disease that if I crocheted a square for each of them, the hook would have to live with me,but I have gotten it ready to send on...I know others are anxious to get to their chance to use it. SO AGAIN THANK YOU ALL FOR DOING THIS.

Prayers and good well wishes to all:

These are all clickable.


Slicer said...

Beautiful work!

Joyce said...

Beautifully done Vonnie. Thanks for sharing with us! I am enjoying reading the tales of the hook.

angelfire said...

Vonnie your post is inspiring and your squares are lovely. Thank you for participating

loopy1 said...

Oh, Vonnie! What a beautiful job you did with the squares and the words of your post. Thank you for the blessing!

Kelly A said...

Vonnie, I know that with each square made you trully had the person it was dedicated for was on your mine. I appreciate you sharing your stories and works of love. Great job on the squares!!

kittyloverdeb said...

Beautiful! I love them all but my favorites are the white ones...your work is simply gorgeous!