Thursday, July 19, 2007

For Past, Present and Future Victims of this Disease

I want to first thank Angelfire for all of her hard work that is just beginning, for organizing and administering this venture, this blog, and for allowing me the opportunity to participate. I also want to thank (and curse, lol!) Jimbo for creating and donating Sonny's hook. When I mailed this beautiful hook on to Darlene (Needle Arts) it left a void in my hook case that will have to be filled.
As I started my first square (about five minutes after I tore open the package) I thought to myself that I was pretty lucky. I've never had anyone I was really close to pass away from cancer. Then I thought a little more, and I was shocked at how many names I could come up with of people I know who have lost someone to the disease, and people who've been diagnosed but are in remission. One of grandfathers passed away three years before I was born. I had a great uncle who had a brain tumor. My grandmother had to have a colostomy after being diagnosed with colon cancer. My best friend's father was diagnosed with skin cancer and passed away within the space of four or five months. Myfather-in-law has been in remission since I've known him. I grew up in a small town, there were only eighteen people in my high school graduating class and four of them have lost a parents to cancer. And we're still young! I only graduated eight years ago, we shouldn't have to worry about losing our parents yet, we're just beginning to present them with grandchildren. And that's just the beginning. I have never sat down and made a list like this before, it has really opened my eyes to the scope of this disease. So I dedicate my squares, as my title says, to all past present and future victims. I hope my small contribution brings some help and hope.

On to the technical stuff:
I posted pics of the five squares that I got done to the photo bucket account. I've never bloged before (first blog entry ever!) and I'm not sure how to post pics so you can view them there until I figure it out. I found all of these patterns from links at crochet pattern central

Square 1: called "Eternity Squared" This is a free pattern by our own Krystal16 at crochetville, you can find it here ( As I posted in the TH II thread at Crochetville, I was working on this one while we waited to watch the fireworks at the Regina Canada Day celebrations. I thought it was kind of cool that the hook was here for that during it's only Canadian stop. The square worked up quick and the directions were easy to follow. Thanks for the pattern Krystal! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Square 2: "Granny Heart Square" by Vimala Vignesh. I'm not sure that I'd use this pattern again. I think I may have done something wrong, the hearts on my square are not as defined as I thought they should be. Oh well.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Square 3: "Arches" from Dayna's Crochet. I did like the look of this square, I would use it again. I used a rather bright variegated yarn for this, I wasn't sure if you all would approve or not. It did combine a lot of the colours on the list though, so I took a chance and used it. I like the colours, I'm going to use more this yarn to make a summer halter for my dd. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Square 4: This one is all me ***preen*** I hope it can be used, I'm rather proud of it. This was the first time I ever tried graphing. The edges of the letters are a little unclear, but my six year old could read it so I figure it's okay. I didn't use Sonny's hook for this, I used an F in orderPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket to keep my gauge tight enough for the carried yarn from showing through too much.

Square 5: called "Mikey's Square" by Laurie Clark. I love this square, it's got a real optical illusion deal going on that doesn't show up very well in my picture. I think I'm going to use this square to make an afghan for a girl who's babysat my dd for me a lot over the past four years, she's graduating this coming school year (the babysitter, not dd). I'm, also thinking of using it to make an afghan for my brother. If I can stand weaving in all the ends!! 16 ends per square!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I think I've got these in the right order, I loaded the pictures on Photobucket, then when I went back to check the site is undergoing maintenance and won't let me in. I'll edit this if need be.

I was having trouble with my guage, you may notice that I had to add an extra row or two on these squares to make them eight inches across. Has anyone else had that problem?

So that's it for me. I'm not sure now if I liked being first or not! No, I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone else created with the Sonny's hook, and reading your stories here on the blog. I know I'll be checking back often. We seem to be doing very well so far, the hook has already reached it's third person! That's almost 1/10th of the way through the list. In the meantime, I wish the rest of you the best of luck, neverending yarns and a Jimbo hook!!


TX CrochetLover said...

Thanks for sharing. It does kinda shock a person when you start thinking about all the people you know that have been afflicted with this disease. Your entry just brings it home again. I like the details on the squares you made, and I'll be watching for when the pics come up.

angelfire said...

you did a wonderful job and I am sure you will be an inspiration to the rest of the members.
I agree that sending on a Jimbo hook leaves an empty spot in our hook cases, I guess we will all be hoping to see him post more hooks for bid LOL

Slicer said...

I love your work. And your entry made me realize how many people I know that have been touched my cancer. It is going to be very difficult for me to make squares when it is my turn. I am hoping it will be more like therapy.

ankey said...

wow, great squares for this great cause! and yes, the sheer number of people that have been affected by cancer is rather scary...

Reneva said...

Thanks Angelfire, for posting the pics here for me, and thanks the rest of you for the nice comments!

vonnie said...

Those squares are gorgeous, I hope I can do as well. I love the "Hook for the Cure" one. I have the hook now and am going gong ho with it, it is VERY nice to crochet with....
thanks for the update and the pixs

Kelly A said...

The squares look great, I can not wait until the ghan is assembled.

Joyce said...

Love that hooking for a cure square. Very nice first time out for the Jimbo hook. It is amazing when you sit down and THINK about those you know who have been touched by cancer.

loopy1 said...

Reneva, your squares are so lovely and the love and caring you have put into them is very evident. Ever since this project started, I've been thinking of loved ones lost to this disease as well as those who have survived and those who are presently in the battle for their lives.
~ Jeannie