Sunday, February 24, 2008

My time was wonderful

I had the pleasure of having the Sonny hook from Wednesday evening (Feb. 20) until early Sunday, Feb. 24 before I packed it up to ship to Krystal16. Some of you probably already read my post here about why I chose to participate. Not unlike everyone here, my life has been touched by cancer. I lost both my parents before I turned 25.

It's for this reason, I created these squares

1) All the squares created in memory of my parents
Joyce squares

2) Krystal's Daisy square designed to incorporate the memories of both my parents
Joyce squares

3) The square in memory of my mother, who died of uterine cancer (or complications thereof)
Joyce squares

4) A square in honor of child hood cancers and to remember my mom had cancer in her leg as a child (the scar was horrible)
Joyce squares

5) The square in memory of my father, who was diagnosed with 4th stage Lymphoma when I was in high school
Joyce squares

The next set of squares is in memory of my friend's mother, Margaret, whom I met six years ago and was diagnosed with metastasized cancer, origin unknown but suspected to be either breast or ovarian
Joyce squares

The next two squares (white and pink for ovarian and breast cancer) are in memory of Margaret

Joyce squares

Joyce squares

This square is in memory of Margaret's husband, Keith, who had bladder cancer

Joyce squares

These are my "other" squares

Joyce squares

First, there's the square in memory of Sonny. I totally got this idea from Daisy and thought it was a good one. I too wanted to honor the man whose name graces the hook

Sonny square

Next is a square in honor of a co-worker who is battling cancer. He hasn't really said much to anyone about it, there's been lots of whispering in the cubicles. I don't even think he knows that I know. It's blue for prostate cancer

Joyce squares

And, finally, for general cancer awareness. The color we always have around at Relay for Life

Joyce squares

I just really want to say what an honor it has been to be a part of this venture. I also want to say how much admiration I have 1) for Jimbo and his talents and commitment in making the gorgeous Sonny hook, even giving thought to the kind of wood used; 2) for Bonnie (angelfire), I don't know what to say other than "Wow" what a task you've taken on; and 3) for everyone who is lending their talent to this hook and its purpose. What a joy to be a part of such a wonderful group of people.



kittyloverdeb said...

Joyce your squares as well as your sentiments are beautiful. What a wonderful way to honor your parents!

Jimbo said...

I'm touched by your thoughtfulness, and I know Sonny would be as well as all those you are making your tribute to.
Thank you Joyce and I join you in thanking Bonnie once again for all she is doing.

My very best to you

Joyce said...

Thanks to both of you. This project has absolutely touched me beyond belief.

angelfire said...

Joyce the squares are beautiful. The meanings behind them touched me deeply

Joyce said...

Thanks Bonnie.


Sarah said...

What a beautiful thing you and everyone involved are doing.
I'm sure Sonny is watching with a smile, as well as everyone else thats been touched by this.

Your squares are beautiful too but it is the meaning behind them that is so inspiring.