Saturday, February 9, 2008

This Black Square, is in honor of an old dear neighbor. Jack lived next door to us, before we moved. He has skin cancer. Every time he would go to work in his veggie garden, he would be dressed to the brim. I even bought him a new gardening hat, from the Jerry Baker web site. He loved it! He is a survivor! The best neighbors anyone could hope for.
This is a gold color square. This one is dedicated to all the children who are afflicted and suffering from childhood cancers. My heart goes out to them. They are so loving and so brave. No child should have to have cancer and no parent should have to watch their child go through it, but we cannot stop these cancers, until we find a cure! Love to all the children!

This square is an extra square I made....just because.It is an emerald green square, for liver cancer. I don't know why the color didn't show up well, but it is an emerald green just the same.

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