Saturday, February 9, 2008

Traveling Hook II ...Hooking for a Cure

Squares are pictured above.
When I first signed up to participate in the "Traveling Hook II ...Hooking for a Cure" project, I was looking forward to my turn in working with the "Sonny" hook, made by our favorite craftsman, known to all, as Jimbo. I really thought that this would be a "fun" experience, but fun really wasn't the right word that decribed what I was feeling when the "Sonny" hook arrived. I guess the right word would be, humbled. When I think of all the friends and family that have experienced the living with, dealing with, and dying, as a result of the big C, it's heartbreaking. So I turn to the serious side and prayed as I worked on my squares, thinking of everyone for whom I made a square. Oh how I wish there was a miracle cure for cancer, but with this effort, a small one on my part, maybe we will see some new medical breakthroughs to cure this dreadful disease. Too many people have suffered enough and too many have lost their lives. It may not be in my life-time, but hopefully in the future, a genius of a scientist and doctor, will find a way to make cancer become, a disease of the no longer be a threat or a feared illness to anyone. I myself, am in the high-risk category for cancer, but I will not let that fear rule my life.....not now.
Without further ado, let my show you my dedication of squares:
Okay, I will have to post my pictures seperately........cause I can't seem to get my pictures to come out on this post. I am so bad with computers. Me and technology just don't mix well.
My Sqaures are in the above posts. I should have posted from the bottom up. I guess there is a little oops in everyone.


Joyce said...

Wow Daisy, what encounters you've had with this scourge called cancer. Giant hugs to you for all you did for this cause. I'm impressed and love the way you thought things out.


KathyWho said...

Daisy, everytime I read another part of this journal and see the many stitches in the squares that go along with the words...the people come alive through the explanation of the crocheted square and it humbles me. Your squares are wonderful. Thank you for taking your time to share and post your pictures. Fine job.


Daisy said...

Thank you Joyce, thank you kathywho! Cancer is a dreadful disease and it really hurts, to think of all the friends and family that have lost their lives....just because there isn't a cure. I pray that someday, a cure will be found and no one will have to fear or suffer from the big C, any more. Thank you for the kind words.

kittyloverdeb said...

Daisy your squares are just beautiful! Your memories of all your loved ones was very touching and I can SO relate to the humbling experience that you felt. In a way ~ this brought all my loved ones back to me in the beautiful memories that I have of them. And I think you experienced the same thing with this "magical" hook!